By the Lake

Aaaahh spring! The most awaited season of the year … wait, what? What spring? There’s really ┬áno spring weather in Toronto. It’s more like winter and then summer (or the cliche “There’s only 2 seasons in Toronto : Winter and Construction”.)

One day it’s -10C the next day it’s 23 degrees! One day you think the trees are still dead from winter, the next day you wake up and they’ve sprouted with fresh bright green leaves!

But who’s complaining. As long as I don’t need to bulk up with a coat, it’s all good!

We live at the west end of the city and the great thing about where we are is that we’re just minutes away from The Lake (aka Lake Ontario).

One weekend on the first signs of spring we made our first visit of the season to The Lake. A very short drive south led us to Colonel Samuel Smith Park. The park has the most breathtaking view of the city.

It was 24 degrees that day but it was a few degrees cooler by the lake. I was actually in shivers! No surprise there, I get cold easily… I don’t like cold! I’d stay indoors all winter to avoid the freezing climes that is Canada!

But now it’s warmer and I’m out of my hibernation. I feel alive again!

It’s amazing, where we live everywhere is green … flowers a-bloom, trees a-green… but just a few kilometers south the trees still think it’s winter!

Hello Birdie! Say tweet!
Hello Birdie! Say tweet!

Well, at least the birds are out.

Birds of a feather ...
Birds of a feather …

I can’t get enough of the beauty of water. Any body of water… the lake, the sea, the ocean… plus a dash of blue sky… just brings pure joy and delight! It’s a reminder that life is a gift and is truly wonderful.

And I can’t get enough of my city. I love TO! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else… well, except Istanbul, of course… and oh! Paris!

To live by the water… aaahhhh …. I am still decades away from retirement.

But until then I’d just enjoy the little bits of moments spent strolling by the lake.

Hello world!

So, I’m finally starting this!

I have been wanting to do this for so long but never gotten around to doing it until a few days ago I came upon an article through Pocket Hits and it inspired me to start instead of just always thinking about it. I re-named the article “She never made it to Paris” by James Altucher.

I decided right then and there that I don’t wanna be the girl who “never made it to Paris”. So there! I’ve started to blog.

I will only probably have one loyal captive audience, my husband … and perhaps maybe my son later on when he learns to read… but that’s okay. All I wanted is to be able to write something. I know I will never write a novel (let alone a short story) in my lifetime so this blog will serve as my outlet.

Why wait until we move to Istanbul before I start blogging?

Aaaahh Kiz Kulesi!

The move was suppose to happen in 2013 (5 years in the making) and now it’s 2015 and we’re still here.

So thanks James Altucher. I don’t know you and you don’t know me but you have inspired me to Just Start.